Workplace and Career Counselling

workplace and career counsellingWORKPLACE COUNSELLING

  • Make workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination, abuse and work related stress a thing of the past and enjoy your work and home life.
  • Our counselling approach is designed to suit client needs and they include client centred, strength based, cognitive behavioural and solution focused.
  • Our aim is to relieve you of the emotional stresses like anger, fear, anxiety and depression that are associated with bullying
  • Our focus is on empowering you to know that you are not the problem and to enable you to deal with bullying when it raises its ugly head!!!!!!


Your journey in a Career starts with us, so take your first step by contacting us for the following services:

  • Resume writing.
  • Job applications.
  • Writing cover letters.
  • Interview coaching.
  • Follow- up and support.

So, for expert advice, support and guidance on WORKPLACE and CAREER related issues call 02 9525 3790

REMEMBER, your problems at WORK may affect your relationships at HOME and your problems at HOME may affect your performance at WORK. So act NOW!!!!