Domestic Violence Services

dvlistDomestic violence is a real problem in our society today and it is on the rise in Australia. One in three Australian women says they have suffered domestic violence at least once in their lives. It happens among heterosexual couples, and in same-sex partnerships.

Every woman, child, and man has the right to be safe and free from abuse.

When a person decides to have domestic violence counselling it is because of reasons such as, support for what they are experiencing, to understand what it is, to know that they are not the cause of someone else’s behaviour and to find ways to heal from the effects of abuse.

Leaving a violent partner is one of the most dangerous things a person can do. Safety planning is vital for those contemplating this. Sadly, unless a person is able to leave the area and have no personal, work, family or parenting links with the perpetrator, threatening and abusive behaviour can still continue in the same or altered forms. This is why we set up our Post Separation Project

Crossroads offers a range of different services including counselling for domestic violence for both adults and children. We also provide counselling on parent abuse and sexual assault as well as workshops on effects of domestic violence on children, identifying potential abusers, and protective behaviours and many other related issues.

Counselling can support these people in achieving long term change, safety, minimising risk, stopping violence in their relationship or creating  new relationships based on non-violence and respect.

For more information about Crossroads Domestic Violence Work please contact Michele via phone or email


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