Crisis and Financial Assistance for Clients

FINANCIAL-ASSISTANCECrossroads Crisis and Financial Assistance Program aims to assist people to deal with their immediate financial crisis situation. It is for people who find themselves without other reasonable means of support.

The assistance is only available to people who live in the Sutherland Shire. Anyone in financial crisis is able to apply. You do not need to be in receipt of income support to recieve assistance. If you are working you may still be eligible to access assistance.

Eligiblilty is determined by completing an individual case by case financial assessment. These assessments are conducted over the telephone and will determine the type and level of assistance offered.

It is expected that in most cases financial assistance will only be offered as a once off to assist people out of their immediate crisis situation. The Community Worker will then take into account any other type of assistance that may be available for the individual and provide the apprpriate referrals.

The types of assistance available at Crossroads includes EAPA, Sydney Water PAS and Work and Development Orders.

For more information about the Crisis and Financial Assistance Services offered at Crossroads please call 02 9525 3790.


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