Post Separation Abuse Support Group

dv stalkingCrossroads will be holdingĀ  monthly meetings offering support, information, coping strategies & practical strategies for women experiencing Post Separation Abuse.

Dates: Wednesday 10th September 2014, Wednesday 8th October 2014, Wednesday 5th November 2014, Wednesday 3rd December 2014, Wednesday 28th January 2015, Wednesday 25th February 2015, Wednesday 25th March 2015 and Wednesday 22nd April 2015.

Time: 12.00pm

Where: Crossroads Community Care Centre, Suite G108, Westfield Miranda, 600 Kingsway

Please RSVP ASAP on 02 9525 3790 to reserve your spot.

To download the flyer click on the link Post Separation Abuse Meetings

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