Access to Safe Accommodation Program

safe accommodationThe Crossroads Safe Accommodation Program aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for women who wish to heal for abuse. The most important critera for acceptance into the program is a committment to move ahead and leave the abuse behind. Healing is only possible once this  committment has been made.
This committment also ensures that the other women and children accommodated through the assistance of the service can feel safe and have the space to heal themselves.

There are no age restrictions for eligibility and women can apply from any region.

The Safe Accommodation Program offers access to low cost accommodation and support for women and their children who are:

  • Moving through the period of transition to independent living following escape from an abusive relationship, or
  • Healing from sexual abuse or incest, or
  • Interested in developing a safe future for themselves.

The support offered takes the form of:

  • Individual Counselling Sessions – focusing on sexual assult, incest, parenting, trauma and domestic violence,
  • Children’s Counselling,
  • Group work and workshops,
  • Parenting Programs,
  • Referrals and information exchange, and
  • Crisis support and emergency financial assistance may also be offered through Centre Based Support.

For more information about the program and how to apply please contact Christine or Michele at Crossroads via phone on 02 9525 3790 or email

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