Vision, Mission and History

Crossroads Mission and Vision

To meet our constitution’s objectives to provide;

a)   A consultation and referral service.

b)  Facilities and programmed activities to develop the physical, mental and spiritual health of the community.

Crossroads History

  • 1968 The Crossroads Community Care Centre began operating in premises owned by the Gymea Congregational Church, located in the busy shopping centre at Gymea.
  • 1969 Crossroads helped organize and facilitate the Community Youth Project which involved over 40 youth groups.
  • 1971 the Crossroads Community Care Centre was re-established at Miranda Fair in premises provided by the Westfield Corporation in the Professional Suites Tower Block (later called the OfficeTower). Using section 94 Council negotiated a permanent lease for Crossroads allowing Westfield development in return for housing the Centre rent free.
  • 1974 a day centre was established at Crossroads, under the title “Creative Activities Unlimited”, providing a large number of people with the opportunity to develop and share personal skills as well as opportunity for social contacts.
  • 1986 Crossroads took on the Emergency relief project. Whilst continuing to provide all of the ongoing services, Crossroads started to focus on other issues, such as homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, unemployment etc:  it was clear that these issues needed to be addressed.
  • 1988 with the coming of a new Co- ordinator Crossroads started to provide a free crisis counselling service, looking at domestic violence and other types of abuse.  A new range of services were developed, including accommodation, tenancy law, education and training. We also auspiced and housed the Sutherland Shire Family Support service until they incorporated and became independent in 1994.
  • 1990 Crossroads organized video making workshops for unemployed people.
  • 1991 became part of the Sydney wide Tenants Hotline roster. As well as taking calls from all over Sydney, we provided advice and support to local people. Crossroads provided this free service for several years. Our Coordinator also provided her services in a voluntary capacity to collate the monthly Tenancy Hotline newsletter.
  • 1992 Crossroads put together a set of four information packages which we called The Crossroads Survival Kits.
  • 1994 Crossroads organised and presented a women’s safety weekend with speakers and special guests, such as police, domestic violence counsellors, the children’s magistrate and a self defense expert. The weekend was held at the Sutherland Entertainment centre. We also had an art display from members of our art therapy group, as well as poetry and short stories. To this day, it remains the first and only such event within the Shire.
  • 1995 Crossroads submitted for and was given the funding to start the Workplace programme. This was also housed within the Crossroads rooms. The program was an intensive one to one youth employment service which assisted young people to become work ready in order to secure employment. It ran for several years before being defunded.
  • 1996  a mental abuse community forum, attended by 140 people, was organised and presented to the community by Crossroads. We also auspiced and housed the Eastern Area Youth Services project. (Now known as Shirewide)
  • 1997 Crossroads was awarded the title of Community Group of the Year through the Sutherland Shire Council citizenship awards. We also took on a project aimed at women and children healing from abuse.
  • 1999 with assistance from the Southern Beaches Gay and Lesbian Group and funding from the Sutherland Council. Crossroads initiated organised and presented OUT IN THE SHIRE, a weekend of entertainment, stalls, and film and art exhibitions.  This was the first ever lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender cultural event, another first for the Sutherland Shire.
  • 2008 Crossroads Community Care Centre celebrated its fortieth birthday.

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