Working with Parents Abused by their Adult Children

parents abused by their adult childrenThe CROSSROADS Working with Parents Abused by their Adult Children Training Workshops and Manual proceeds from the major problems identified in Christine’s work since 2005 in working with these parents.

  1. Helping them process their own confusion and pain.
  2. The lack of understanding in responses from others in whom they confide, and the effect on them of these responses.
  3. A lack of information that can usefully assist them and their support networks.
  4. Ambivalence and difficulty in obtaining and using appropriate safety measures.

Using case studies, the workshop explores and provides resources in the area of most relevance for both professionals working with families affected by these issues and also materials to provide to family members.

Areas covered include:-

  • Factors that may reduce or increase abusive  behaviour
  • Relevant safety strategies and safety planning
  • Range of possible causes
  • Parent abuse behaviour checklist
  • How does parent abuse differ from other forms of family violence
  • Barriers to disclosure
  • Barriers affecting case planning
  • Gender and cultural issues
  • Dependency and attachment issues
  • Issues of guilt and responsibility
  • Liaison and networking strategies

Training sessions will be facilitated by Christine Bird, Masters of Social Science and Co-ordinator of Crossroads Community Care Centre Inc. It will be co-facilitated by Michele Taylor, the Crossroads Domestic Violence Counsellor, who also works with parent abuse clients. Both facilitators will be available 4pm – 5pm for one to one discussion with any participants who may wish for that time with them.

The manual ‘Working with Parents Abused by their Adult Children’, is available for purchase at $35. Contact Christine or Michele via the website or by calling reception on 9525 3790

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